We are offering


for people who's employment was effected by this pandemic.



Monday June 8, 2020




OUTSIDE of the BACK of my studio:

Paul McDermott Photography

4812 NE 12th Ave

Oakland Park, FL 33334

Note: For safety purposes no studio access or amenities will be available to subjects. Use restrooms and mirrors before you come.


You must register so we can ensure you get all appropriate information and ultimately the link to your images. You can do that here:


What if I don't register?

We can't get you your photos. And we won't know how much interest there is so you won't get the updates on what time window we decide is optimal to shoot.


What's the catch?

Nothing. I'm just doing my part and hoping to do something effective to support my neighbors and the community. I don't have the finances to help support others right now so I want to use my skills to offer aid where I can.


Want to support the project?

There is no ask of money. This is for all of you who asked if you can help the effort. Money collected will support studio expenses and other projects like this one. You can donate money to support my time and efforts here:


Expectations / Things to Know:


1) Be in need. I won't be verifying unemployment so we are on the honor system. Evaluate if this will help you in your job search and you have a need for a headshot over others who may be needing it more.


2) Use the image to get a job. This isn't about free shoots - it's about helping you get gainfully employed. If you want to use the image for advertising or making money off the image then we can negotiate a fee and schedule you for another time.


3) Be safe. If you aren't, I'll refuse you.

a) Wear a mask until your photo is being taken

b) Maintain all social distancing protocol (6 feet)

c) Whatever I say goes. Safety is key and whatever I deem necessary to maintain safety will happen.

d) If you are feeling unwell please just stay home.


4) Stay outside. No access to AC or the restroom will be available. Everything will be outside. Due to this the shoot is weather permitting


5) All photos will be up on the same link - I am not emailing the headshots individually. You will have to thumb through to find your image. I will send an email to everyone when they are ready.


6) I am volunteering my time and skills. There is no promise to guarantee of satisfaction or otherwise. 99% of the time people love their headshots but I can't exercise the same measures I do for my paying clients with each individual.


7) This offer is for the date and time specified. We will determine if there is a demand and need for an ongoing basis but I can't offer free private sessions at this time.


8) Most communication will be via email. You will be signed up for an email list specific to this event. Make sure we don't end up in your spam folder or you wont get updates.



Do I need to schedule a time slot?

No. Come during the scheduled window.


Can I select my image?

No. I will select the best image and send it to you.


Will it be retouched?

No. If you want it retouched we can retouch each image you like for $30.


That day/time doesn't work for me.

Sorry :( Once we see how everything goes this time we'll determine if we will be doing it again.


What about doing my hair and make-up?

I won't be providing these services. Please do them before you come.


I want to offer something in support of this project (non-financially).

Shoot me a message! Click the contact link to the left